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EXAPad and EXAPad Mini

EXAPad and EXAPad Mini, Portable, High-End Ultrasound Imaging Devices
The portable, high-end, 15" ultrasound imaging device EXAPad and the 12" EXAPad Mini.


'Excellence at your Fingertips'

EXAPad is a new generation of innovative, portable, high-end ultrasound scanners, developed from scratch in close collaboration with leading anesthesiologists, to operate in a variety of clinical environments - from small clinics and practices to the larger anesthesia and pain management departments in hospitals.

With use of the latest technologies, they provide an unequalled image quality and full control through the responsive, high-resolution touchscreen. They are lightweight and easy to handle, and offer a wide range of dedicated imaging modes, besides various other unique features.



The streamlined, workflow oriented user interface 'EchoTouch' is designed to make operation intuitive and easy. All necessary functions in the active imaging mode are immediately available on screen, while the more advanced settings still remain at hand for quick access.



When both hands are occupied with needle and probe, the embedded 'EchoVoice' software enables the use of voice control over the main functions of the scanners.



Connect EXAPad safely to any iPad with the 'EchoPad' App installed. Pilot the scanner remotely; you have a synchronous, live image on both screens. Make image adjustments and store your individual presets in the App. They can be transferred directly to the EXAPad.

Pilot the EXAPad remotely with your iPad


Available with a sturdy, light and easy to navigate trolley, the compact devices are perfect for the operating room or small exam rooms. But their robust build with high-quality materials and a very minimal weight of less than 6 kg, also make them the ideal hand-carried, portable machines for ambulatory use.

The battery in the EXAPad allows you to work for over 2 hours - the battery in the EXAPad Mini even over 3 hours - without an electrical outlet, and it is easily interchangeable.


Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia with EXAPad

The EXAPad devices, 'developed with anesthesiologists for anesthesiologists', offer a unique bundle of presets for ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. The linear probe feels as light as a needle, and is very comfortable to manoeuvre.

And ... , please stay tuned, because an exciting upgrade is coming. We will be launching a module with a new needle, for an endoscopic nerve approach, even behind bone structure.


Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia with the EXAPad
The EXAPad's voice control feature is very convenient, when both hands are occupied with needle and probe.

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