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Equip Medikey, The key to medical innovation

Equip Medikey, The key to medical innovation




*Now with 120 viewing angle* 

The Epi-C from Polydiagnost is the first disposable epiduroscope which combines the imaging quality of a re-usable with the safety of a disposable one. With this unique concept it is not necessary to sterilize the fiber optic and therefore it will have a very long life cycle. The special design of this revolutionary scope makes a safe and clear epiduroscopy affordable for any institute.


Hygienic: Disposable catheter with unique lens in combination with a re-usable clear fiber optic eliminates contamination issues.

Excellent vision: no loss of pixels as the optic never has to be sterilized.

Easy to steer: due to the very strong steering mechanism.

Very small outer diameter: 2,65 mm / 8F.

Working channel:  1,2 mm / 3,5 F for flushing and for using all kind of tools like biopsy forceps or laser fibers.

Easy to use: since the ocular (including light cable and camera head) is positioned in a separate supporting three-join-arm it is no longer needed to carry the ocular, light cable and camera head.

Factory repair service is obsolete: exchange repairs of the optical system, if ever necessary, can be performed by the medical staff directly on site in the OR.

Cost effective

Maintenance free

Since the new Epi-C is disposable, factory repairs of the endoscope itself are eliminated.

Repairs, if ever necessary, can be performed by the medical staff directly in the OR; a major convenience and cost saving.

Superior reliability

The optical system of the Epi-C is very reliable. This will save repair time and costs. Various tests with this new optical system have demonstrated that even after 50 uses, no service was required.

Low costs

The innovative design of the Epi-C allows the complete system to be priced much lower than competing systems. Considering its follow-up costs (disposable catheters) in comparison with competitors, the Epi-C again has over a 30% cost advantage.

Technical data

Endoscopic catheter

2.65 mm (8 French) with 100 steerable tip.


Working Channel: 1,2 mm 3,5 French

Catheter working lengths available:

30 cm

All catheters are length-marked for position control.

Optical system

10.000 pixels (150 cm) for picture transmission and light transporting fibers for perfect illumination of the examination area and a viewing angle of 120.

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