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Equip Medikey, The key to medical innovation

Equip Medikey, The key to medical innovation


Dr Hansler

The medical ozone concept for the application of O3 in preventive and complementary medicine - as tested in basic research and confirmed by empirical medicine; for all systemic and topical ozone treatment forms, i.e. such as reinfusion and ozone-treated blood, local application in subatmospheric systems, and topical application of ozonized water.

Convincing for its safety and reliability

Ozone concentrations from 1 to < 100 g/ml supplied under continuous photometric measurement to guarantee accurate and safe dosage in ozone therapy.


The OZONOSAN alpha plus provides an fully automatic operational cycle controlled via continuous photometric measurement of the ozone concentration.

Technical Data

Compact mobile unit consisting of ozone generator, ozone suction removal connection, water ozonization container, photometric control system.

Ozone supply rating: Maximum performance: 18 g ozone per hour.

Ozone concentration: Continuously adjustable from 1 to > 100 g/ml.

O3 Measurement: Continuous ozone measurement with automatic zero reset.

Volume flow: Volume/flow rates are according to the selected application method, and are at approx. 1-3-6 liters/minute.

Ozone supply outlet: O3 gas is obtained from the unit via a 3-way safety valve allowing for removal and residual ozone via the catalyzer.

Catalyzer: This unit is a powerful rapid and steam-resistant ozone catalyzer for reconverting residual ozone back into oxygen.

Electrical Data: 230 V, 50 cycles, 1,3 Amperes, Protective Class I Type B

Oxygen: A clamp and cocer for a 10-liter oxygen supply flask is design-built into the housing of every OZONOSAN alpha plus unit.

Unit demensions: 850 (max.) x 450 x 450 mm

The OZONOSAN alpha plus is a fully mobile unit with integrated oxygen flask and is thus fully independent.


Alpha plus

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