Thermolesion Needles

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Whether you value the flexibility and precision of our innovative needles or you might prefer a classic approach, we have a broad range of NeuroPole needles available for safe and effective pain management procedures.

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The innovative TOP NeuroPole SC Needle with Integrated Thermocouple

TOP NeuroPole SC

Invented by Equip, and the new global standard for a number of years. Disposable needles with an integrated thermocouple for thermolesion and pulsed radiofrequency exposure.

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The classic TOP NeuroPole TL Needle for Use with a Separate Thermocouple

TOP NeuroPole TL

For thermolesion and pulsed radiofrequency exposure with a separate thermocouple, positioned with these classic cannulas.

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The TOP NeuroPole XE Needle, when exact temperature control is not required

TOP NeuroPole XE

Long-trusted needles for non-temperature-controlled lesions and pulsed radiofrequency exposure.

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The TOP NeuroPole RC Needle, for Radio Contrast Procedures

TOP NeuroPole RC

Needles with integrated tube for a convenient administration of local anesthetic, during fluoroscopically-guided injections for instance.

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