XE-PRF Pulsed Radiofrequency Needles

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The classic XE needles redeveloped! It resulted in a sophisticated new needle for Pulsed Radiofrequency procedures: the NeuroPole XE-PRF.

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Top NeuroPole XE-PRF Needles for PRF Exposure and Thermolesion
The classic, all familiar XE needles, often used for non-temperature-controlled lesions on the medial branch, redeveloped! It resulted in a sophisticated new needle, mainly intended for pulsed radiofrequency procedures: the Neuropole XE-PRF.

With a new and improved ergonomic hub, the stiff shaft — coated in our high-grade medical Teflon — and a sharper bevel, handling and manoeuvring are very comfortable. The long and flexible fluid line is equipped with a Luer Lock fitting and secured cap, while a separate electrical wire with female connector grants a solid connection to the (P)RF generator.

Deploy the XE-PRF needles in combination with the unique STP mode in our generators, to overcome any of the risks you may have considered in earlier non-temperature-controlled interventions. It is now a completely safe procedure, guaranteed below 42ºC.

Available Sizes
Like XE, the Neuropole XE-PRF needles are available in a variety of lengths, depending on the targeted nerves. New tip lengths of 10 mm and 15 mm extend that range, giving access to an entirely new set of treatment options, including advanced techniques like the Sacral and Disc Procedures of prominent Pain Treatment Specialist Dr. Olav Rohof.

TOP NeuroPole XE-PRF Needles

Article Code Needle LengthGaugeActive TipPackage
65410160 mm23 G5 mm10 pcs/box
65410460 mm23 G10 mm10 pcs/box
654102100 mm23 G5 mm10 pcs/box
654105100 mm23 G10 mm10 pcs/box
654103150 mm 23 G5 mm10 pcs/box
654106150 mm23 G10 mm10 pcs/box
E63283 [*]150 mm20 G15 mm10 pcs/box
* For Rohof's Sacral and Disc Procedures.