TOP Lesion Generator TLG-20 STP

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STP provides you with a continuously high power output throughout the entire treatment. No suppression, no interruptions.

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TLG-20, a firm step ahead in RF, PRF and STP for Pain Management
The STP pulse mode in the TOP Lesion Generators is based on the extensive research work of Prof. Menno Sluijter, the founder of PRF, and Dr. Alexandre Teixeira. In this mode the pulses are meticulously spread by a Poisson randomized derivation. It generates a strong and very consistent electromagnetic field. The typical temperature build-up, induced at the tip of the needle is however considerably reduced.

STP provides you with a continuously high power output throughout the entire treatment, without suppression or interruptions. As heat hardly develops in this PRF mode, you will easily stay within the set limits and you can rely on a very constant electromagnetic field in your treatment.

In addition to this temperature advantage, the irregular burst stimuli in STP also offer an important gain at cellular level: the target area can be reached more effectively.


  • STP is safe, with a minimal heat deposition
  • The short pulse width grants a minimally destructive effect
  • The higher Coefficient of Variance results in a better effectiveness of the treatment
TOP Lesion Generator TLG-20, our powerful multi-generator device for RF, PRF and STP in the treatment of pain.

A firm step ahead for Pain Management, yet in a super lightweight body. Only 4 kilograms, and with its compact size the TLG-20 is easily one of the best portable generators on the market.

Navigating through the intuitive interface is fast and easy. Settings can be adjusted in a logical flow with numeric keys on the touchscreen, and both user preferences and treatment settings can be stored in memory.

Transcutaneous TCSTP and TCPRF
The TOP Lesion Generator TLG-20 is equipped with a special mode for transcutaneous approaches, often used for the treatment of shoulders and knees. With advanced settings for voltage and frequency this program can be configured for an output of up to 2 simultaneous pairs, either in TCSTP or in TCPRF.

Quadpolar Mode
This quadpolar bridge forms a caloric junction between the deployed needles for a broader lesion. In this ‘broad lesion’ mode treatment durations can be reduced significantly and bigger lesions can be reached. Convenient for the attending physician, and obviously it is a great aid in trying to minimize strain on a patient’s comfort during the procedure.