C-Table Pain Treatment Table

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The new C-Table is a C-Arm Imaging Table, designed for a wide range of pain management procedures. It is surprisingly smart and simple!

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Smart and Simple
The C-Table combines 150 cm of artefact-free imaging platform with proven column lift technology. With its low entry height, it provides superb access for most challenged patients and the specific range of available accessories offer positioning solutions for most procedures.

Standard Features:

  • Unobstructed artefact-free imaging area: 150 cm
  • Large carbon fibre top: 208 cm x 61 cm
  • Lowered height, providing easy access: 58 cm
  • Highest height: 98 cm
  • Safe working load: 200 kg
  • Narrow base frame for ease of patient transfer
  • Fully locking medical grade anti-static castors
  • Hand switch
  • Top frame potential grounding point
  • Easy access emergency stop and isolation button for extra patient safety
  • Manufactured in the UK and fully CE marked

Available Options:

  • Foot switch
  • Pushing and positioning handrail
  • Battery back-up (Lithium)