RF Lesion Generator Top TLG-10 STP

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This new RF pulsed mode called STP gives a higher treatment efficiency based on the research work of Prof. Menno Sluijter and Dr. Alexandre Teixeira.

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The New Pulse Mode: Sluijter Teixeira Pulse (STP)
This new RF pulsed mode called STP gives a higher treatment efficiency based on the research work of Prof. Menno Sluijter and Dr. Alexandre Teixeira. In STP mode the pulses are meticulously spread by a Poisson randomized derivation, which gives the highest treatment result with the lowest heat development. Preliminary results in patients with Radiofrequency needles or transcutaneous electrodes show significantly better results than conventional Pulsed Radio Frequency.


  • Safe with minimal heat deposition
  • Short pulse width for minimal destructive effect
  • Higher Coefficient of Variance for better effectiveness of treatment
  • Developed by the founder of PRF Prof. Sluijter and Dr. Teixeira
  • Unique patented technology
TOP Lesion Generator TLG-10, the RF-, PRF- and STP-Generator for Pain Management.

Transcutaneous TCPRF
Pulsed Radio Frequency has been used now already for several years transcutaneous and publications are available. The TOP TLG-10 STP generator is now equipped with a special TCPRF mode with optimal Voltage and Frequency settings for shoulder and knee treatments.

Tripolar Mode
For a quicker and more convenient Radio Frequency treatment we have developed a new technology of simultaneous Tripolar mode. In this mode the heat is making a junction between the three needles without the use of a grounding electrode. The advantages are a broader lesion, shorter treatment time, more convenience for the user and more comfort for the patient.

Further Advantages of the TOP Generator

  • Most compact radiofrequency and pulsed radiofrequency generator, with the possibility for Multi-Lesion and with touch screen on the market.
  • Intuitive and very easy software menus.
  • Powerful generator, with access to a full range of temperature settings, also in Multi-Lesion mode.
  • Light and smart design.
  • Dedicated color coded Multi-Lesion cables for SC and XE needles.
  • Reliable, re-usable thermocouples.
  • Reliable, high quality, Japanese production standard.
  • Easy export of patient report to USB flash memory.
  • Compact carrying case.

Easy and fast navigation through an intuitive interface and a clear menu structure. Easily accessible connection ports. Easy input, selection and adjustment of various settings through numeric keys on a touch screen.

A Perfect Couple
Use the TLG-10 RF Generator together with the innovative, disposable thermocouple needles TOP NeuroPole SC, and experience how the seamless integration of these both Top products will fully optimize your procedures. Benefit from our very attractive pricing when purchasing the TLG-10 RF Generator in combination with the Neuropole SC needles.

The New Pulse Mode: Sluijter Teixeira Pulse (STP)