RF Generators

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With our longstanding experience in radiofrequency for chronic pain, Equip offers a first-class line of RF lesion generators, which are reliable, user friendly and compact.

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A Firm Step Ahead for Pain Management

The TOP Lesion Generator TLG-20 is a powerful multi-generator device for RF, PRF and STP procedures in the treatment of pain. Features include a quadpolar mode and advanced settings for configurations with multiple probes or transcutaneous TCPRF and TCSTP approaches. All in a very compact body.

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The First Generator to Introduce the New Pulse Mode STP

The ‘Sluijter Teixeira Pulse’ is defined by a wide variance of irregular pulse bursts. With a minimal heat deposition, it generates a strong and most consistent electromagnetic field. Building on supplementary features like a unique tripolar mode, TCPRF and a very intuitive interface, the TOP Lesion Generators TLG-10 have proven to be a reliable aid in many multi-lesion RF, PRF and STP procedures.

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