In Memoriam – Professor Menno Sluijter (1932–2022)

Menno Sluijter was a visionary man with a kind personality, a seldom combination of academic intellect and charisma. The founder of interventional RF pain management, the inventor of PRF and STP.

Our contact goes back as far as 1975, when we discussed TOP Pole needles, and to the very beginning of the development in RF techniques in 1979 (we are keeping that correspondence preciously). More recently, it has been a real pleasure working together to include the STP mode in our products. During the development work, we were always impressed by his ingenious ideas. It inspired us to see such an innovator explain new findings with medical, physical, and mathematical argumentation.

He was not afraid to search for new technologies behind the set boundaries, often breaking protocols, even those he created himself. Continuously looking to improve the treatments, he never stopped his work, even at a high age. This year still, we were privileged to hear him speak at the PRF Evolutions congress in Madrid.

We will miss him, and we will take care that his scientific legacy is kept and further developed.

Our sincere condolences are with Fleur, his dear family and his friends.

The Equip Medikey team