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Jarenlang is het benaderen van een zenuw gebaseerd geweest op blinde techniek …

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From Blind Technique to Direct Vision
For years the approach to a nerve was based on blind techniques. Several devices like stimulators, fluoroscopy and ultrasound facilitated the guidance of the needle to the target. Today the 7StarScope optic offers you the revolutionary technique to approach the nerve under direct vision.

Controlled Pain Management
Reducing the burden of uncontrolled chronic pain is a societal necessity, a medical challenge and an economic requirement. A greater emphasis on pain management by the medical community and in the widespread clinical practice guidelines on pain, increased the demand for Pain Control under direct vision with technical tools for treatment applications and spurred manufacturers to introduce products that are more effective in reducing pain. It is now available for you, ready for clinical use, either for diagnosis or treatment: The 7StarScope.

With the 7StarScope healthcare providers can easily and safely apply otherwise difficult interventional techniques, performed and controlled under direct vision to manage severe chronic pain or improved regional anesthesia.

Accurate Regional Anesthesia
For the widespread and popular use of anesthetic techniques in the conscious patient, i.e. regional techniques for per- and postoperative pain. Today, apart from treatment of chronic pain, our company is focused on ways to safely and effectively apply local and regional anesthesia for acute nociceptive pain with the use of the 7StarScope.

Research and Goals
Our goal is to bring to the market innovative products. We don’t sell products, but healthcare solutions. Therefore, initiated research based projects are closely related to clinical practice. In addition several leading academic centres use our revolutionary 7StarScope to discover and develop interventional pain treatments, diagnostics and new regional anesthesia techniques under direct vision.

De 7StarScope-canuleoptiek

De 7StarScope in aktie

De 7StarScope tijdens een cordotomie en vlakbij de femorale en de brachiale zenuw.
De 7StarScope in de paravertebrale ruimte.